I’m running another tech mentorship program this summer.

NYC Tech Mobilizer is a free summer mentorship program for smart techies looking to get onto the inside track of NYC startups. We pair promising developers up with startup CTOs and tech leaders who can help them navigate the waters. Every mentor is a developer who grew themselves through self-improvement, connections, and years in the trenches. They want to share that knowledge with you.


  • Daniel Doubrovkine art.sy, Head of Engineering
  • Scott Carleton Artsicle, co-founder, CTO
  • Liz Crawford Birchbox, CTO
  • Pete Miron bitly, VP Engineering
  • Mike Lewis Fondu, co-founder, CTO
  • Harry Heymann foursquare, VP Engineering
  • Steve Jacobs Gilt Groupe, CIO
  • Gary Burns Meetup, CTO
  • Vanessa Hurst Girl Develop It!, co-founder
  • Dan Spinosa Shelby.tv, co-founder, CTO
  • Malcolm Ong Skillshare, co-founder, CTO
  • Kevin Owocki StepOut, co-founder, CTO
  • James Linder Tykoon, VP Engineering
  • Zach Smith Yipit, Tech Product Manager

Application deadline is May 25, 2012