At Fondu, location-based services, specifically foursquare, are incredibly important to us. Location with a social context is at the core of just about everything in our product.


When we originally migrated from PHP to Python, the offering of foursquare Python libraries was really lacking in terms of polish. So rather than bitch about it, we rolled our own. The goal was simple, Pythonic, and following the official API one-to-one. Full unit tests can’t hurt either.

Naveen and the foursquare crew have been great to us as developers, so we’d like to give back by releasing our library. Check it out if you’d like a nicely-maintained foursquare Python library. As of this blog post I think it’s the only up-to-date one that I could find.


The source is at

It’s new, but it’s already being used in a few projects, some in production. Let me know if there are improvements you’d like to see in it.