I’m sorry, but you’ve lost an alpha-geek customer today.

I remember back in college having a motherboard and memory die within a week of getting installed. You had replacements in the mail the next day, before I’d even sent back the bad ones.

I’ve had hard drives arrive DOA, and every time you’ve fixed the problem immediately.

Power supplies prematurely dying? Check! Always an easy-to-handle RMA process.

Today, after being dragged around by UPS for two weeks, who finally ended up losing my package (no surprise from them), I went to your customer service chat expecting my problems to disappear. Instead, what I got was being told that a replacement could be shipped in 7-10 days once your claim was processed by UPS. Really? That’s your solution to a pissed-off customer who has been waiting for 2 weeks on hard-drives to repair a failed RAID array?

When threatened with a charge reversal, you retreated to “you should re-place the order and ask for a refund, which should process in 7-10 days”. Don’t mind the $40 more that same order would cost to place now. After pressing on that, and being put on hold for 10 minutes, I’m told they would credit me the difference, in a tone that made it seem like I was being done a huge favor. Don’t mind the $50 gift certificate that now gets refunded and I’m unable to use for this purchase and the extra $300 on my credit card. How does creating more of an inconvenience for me help anybody? All I wanted was for my original order to be fulfilled. Don’t make your problem with UPS into mine. I’m already pissed off enough at them.

Icing on the cake? 500 character limit on their feedback form post-chat. Really? You’re actively trying to discourage your customers from giving feedback?

What happened to the Newegg I used to love? I really feel like the heart and soul is dead. Customer service reads off of a script and is un-empowered to actually fix any problems.

I may still purchase here and there if you have the best price, but the loyalty is gone, along with a willingness to pay a premium for better service. Anything I would have blindly put in my cart will now get price-checked on Amazon first.

I’m sorry, but I’ve dropped ~$10k through Newegg since ‘03, and have been a vocal fanboy to anybody needing computer gear. That enthusiasm died today. This isn’t a letter I write to every company that gives me crappy service or disappoints me. This one actually sucks to write because I feel like I’ve lost my “home” on the internet for computer gear. You guys need to get your shit together, or somebody’s going to come along, treat their customers right, and steal your lunch.


All the best,



P.S. This isn’t written in anger due to some perceived injustice or atrocious customer service. Their policies are not the worst that’s out there. It’s more sad that a bastion of great online customer service has given way to mediocrity and lackluster soul. Here’s to jumping the shark.