So, over the past few weeks, I’ve been putting together a tech mentorship program for aspiring developers. The mentors helping out are amazing. If you know any smart developers, feel free to pass this info along.


Details & apply:


NextNY presents the NYC Tech Mentorship Program, in collaboration with General Assembly. It is connecting a select group of smart developers with top startup leaders serving as mentors. The goal of the program is to help high-potential techies reach into the startup world through advice, mentorship, and the wisdom of tech leaders who have been in their shoes. It will be an opportunity for developers to ask questions relevant to their goals and situations, and get personal feedback from industry vets.


**How it works: **

  • Each mentor gets paired with one or two developers
  • Each mentor and their mentees meet once a month from May-August
  • Meeting is over lunch or coffee, and we’ll leave it to each group to pick time/place


**Requirements: **

  • You are a bona-fide techie. You have a degree in CS or have worked as a developer professionally.
  • You’re looking to get involved (or more involved) in the tech startup world.
  • The program is free, but we ask that you pay for your mentor’s coffee or lunch as a thank-you.


**The mentors: **


Deadline is midnight May 11, EST.

Tweeting “Apply for the NYC Tech Mentorship program by May 8th” might get you bonus points.