BoltBusI’m on a bus. This ain’t a trolley, it’s as real as it gets.
I’m on a bus. Mother F’er, don’t you ever forget.


I’m on a BoltBus up to Boston for my cousin Brad’s wedding. Should be a fun family get-together, one I’m looking forward to.

I’m writing this post about customer service because, quite frankly, my experience with BoltBus thus far has been pretty terrible in that department.

From a business sense, some things are a no brainer. For instance, if there is something that costs you nothing, yet improves your customer’s experience, you do it. Good customer service usually doesn’t cost anymore than bad customer service. The same problems come up, and it’s probably going to require the same sized staff to handle them. The difference is in the opinion that the customer has of the experience.

Smile, be nice, don’t hate your job and your customers. It can be that simple. If people feel like they’re at the DMV every time they interact with you, they’ll start avoiding it like the DMV.

Obviously, it’s better to go beyond that. Delight them and they will tell others. The will continue to patronize your business. They will be excited when you roll out new products and ways for them to give you money.

I think the problem with BoltBus is that they view themselves as an operations company. They focus all of their effort on maximizing efficiency. The problem is that their customers are not seats, they’re people. I don’t think BoltBus has any problem filling those seats right now, but they’re selling themselves short. A little better service, and you will establish a very powerful and defensible customer base. At this point, I’d be happy to give MegaBus a try, even if it cost me an extra $5.