Starting a business means that my roles just got very generalized. It’s all on me now, so I’m going to call myself a Developer. I’ll be tackling a combination of Software Development and Business Development, so it seems apt. Toss some Market Development in there and we really got ourselves a party.

For this week, I’m sticking with the business side of things. No point in jumping the gun on writing code. Running full speed won’t get you across the finish first if you’re running in the wrong direction.


What have I been working on this week? A business plan.

I’ve heard a lot of talk in the tech community like “Don’t bother with a business plan, just make a great product.” I think that’s a cop out. How long does it really take to write a business plan anyways? You can crank a rough draft out in a day. The benefit is not even the product itself. There is a disconnect between what you think, and what you can verbalize. Getting your idea into a formalized document helps with that. It forces you to organize your thoughts, articulate your assumptions, and nail a stake down on your priorities. That articulation is incredible content as you form your image. Trust me, the elevator pitch that gurgles out of your head is nowhere near as nice as one that was cherry-picked from the best ideas in your business plan.


Software development before you have a vision for your business is just an engineering way to procrastinate. Code is easy, business is hard. Cry about it, then go write your business plan.