…like ants over a carcass.

Google’s claim it fame has been it’s ad platform historically. What a lot of people haven’t talked about, however, is their architecture as a platform. Google Web Toolkit and the Google App Engine are creeping their way into websites. Google search has infiltrated thoroughly the consumer population. What they have left to do is control the business IT side as well.

I’d put 10 to 1 money on Google having plans to release their own web server to the public. Their strength is their architecture and knowledge of web standards. Imagine every website running on Google software? They would understand everything about the internet. They would literally be able to watch everybody walk across the internet, with their own unique VIN. They would be able to tell down to the person what ads to display. They would know as much about you as Facebook, without you having to put that info in.


Google could be on the path to becoming big brother. Please don’t be evil.


Edit: Kurt K. let me know that Google does indeed have their own OSS webserver in the wild. I’ll be very interested to see where they take it.