This has been an interesting week. I put in my two-weeks notice at my job.

A year and a half working with the same team means that we’ve shared a lot. The responses I got ranged everywhere from excited to being visibly disappointed. I certainly don’t think that I was viewed as the savior of the company, but people had high hopes for me. When those high hopes up and move to New York there’s a feeling of hurt. I feel like the kid in a small town that decides to up and out for the big city. There’s more than enough love, encouragement, and resentment to go around. Everybody I’ve talked to has been dealing with it in different ways.

How do you deal with surprises?

Change is hard. Even the most adventurous of us can shirk away from it when it challenges what we’re comfortable with. This need for stability only gets stronger as we get older. Sure, we may revolt against it from time to time. If my life is stable for too long, I feel trapped. At that point, I have no choice but to change or do something to re-affirm my control over my life. These revolts aside, as a whole we look for stability more and more the older we get. Our desire for control is the work of our lizard brain doing all it can to avoid change. Unfortunately for that inner control-freak, change happens regardless of our intentions. How do you deal with it?

No coping method is better or worse than others, but it is important to know how you handle it. Think back onto the last time that you got dropped a major surprise-bomb. How did you handle it immediately? 5 minutes later? 2 days later? 1 year later? All you really have is you, so I hope you know yourself.