My name is Jim Abraham, and I’ll be chronicling on this site a 5000+ mile solo motorcycle ride from San Diego to the Panama Canal.  I’ll be riding my 2000 Triumph Legend TT – a 900cc bike built by Triumph as an “entry level” sport cruiser – a “starter” bike. 

I’ve ridden it over 30,000 miles past being a “starter” rider and learned a few years ago on a cross-country ride that it is by no means a cross-country bike.   I’ll be taking it across 6 countries.

I’m currently in San Diego at a youth hostel where I’m making some final and much needed preparations and wondering how it is that I’ve been so unprepared up to this point.  I can’t even say that I’m ill-prepared; that would at least be something, but I’ve done so little in advance of this trip.  I’m questioning how smart it is to even be setting out.   Not that I won’t, of course – just questioning how smart it is.

The youth hostel sits at the corner of Market Str. and Fifth Ave. in the Gaslamp Quarter.  It rises just three stories but seems to encompass the entire block.  The rooms hide themselves in curious hallways that follow no discernible or predictable pattern.  I’ve been here for two days now and seem to arrive at room #214 a new way each time I return.  A crazy array of paints cover the walls in bright sections without any thought to theme or cohesion.  It’s as if the painter took whatever was available and brushed until his can ran dry then opened a fresh gallon and began a new color. I love it.

Nearly 1:00 am here on the Left coast.  Time for a Guinness.